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 4.1 Qualifications Evaluation/Contract Award. Qualifications received in response to this solicitation may be evaluated using a two-stage evaluation process. Stage I of the evaluation process will be used to determine the firms that will comprise the competitive range, from which final selection for contract award will ultimately be made. Stage II of the evaluation process will be reserved for the competitive range firms only. Scoring will be based upon how well the submission meets the criteria established in this RFQ.

During Stage I of the evaluation process, qualifications will be evaluated and scored by an Evaluation Committee. Scoring will be based on predetermined Evaluation Criteria contained in the solicitation. The available points associated with each area of consideration are shown. The results of the evaluation will be used to determine those respondents to be included in the competitive range.

The competitive range shall include those respondents who are determined through the evaluation process and due diligence review (verification of contractor responsibility) to be the most qualified. These firms may be requested to supply additional information to assist in completing the due diligence review. Failure to provide the required information within the timeframe established by the NBHA will result in exclusion from the short list.

If NBHA determines a Stage II is necessary, Stage II of the evaluation process will entail presentation/interviews with the respondents on the short list. Respondents not included in the competitive range will not proceed to Stage II of the evaluation process. The purpose of the presentations/interviews is to provide the Evaluation

Committee an opportunity to pose questions emanating from their review of the written responses and obtain clarifications. Stage II evaluation will be conducted upon completion of the presentations/interviews in accordance with the same procedures and criteria outlined above for Stage I evaluation.

The firms with the highest scores from Stage II of the evaluation process will be selected to proceed to the contract negotiation stage. If a contract cannot be negotiated with the firms, negotiations will be terminated. NBHA will then initiate negotiations with the next set of highest rated firms in the competitive range. This procedure will continue until a mutually satisfactory number of contracts have been negotiated. The number of contracts shall be no less than three (3).

NBHA reserves the right to make no awards or decline to enter into negotiations should it believe that no respondents to this RFQ will be capable of delivering the necessary level of services within an acceptable price range and/or time period. NBHA further reserves the right to forego Stage II of the evaluation process and enter into negotiations with the highest ranked firms from Stage I of the evaluation process. If an agreement cannot be negotiated with these firms, the NBHA will terminate negotiations. NBHA will then initiate negotiations with the next set highest ranked firms. Contract award may be subject to approval by the NBHA's Board of Commissioners and the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

4.2 Evaluation Criteria Each submission will be evaluated based on its responsiveness to this RFQ, and in accordance with the Evaluation Criteria contained in the following table:

Evaluation Factors Points

Team Experience

The degree to which the Developer Partner's Team demonstrates:

Successful experience in the master planning and construction of RAD Conversion, CNI, mixed-income development. Projects of comparable size and complexity, preferably including public housing units.

Cohesion of the team as demonstrated by previous experience working together. Prior mixed-income development experience in the State of North Carolina, as well as experience working with FEMA and North Carolina Emergency Management Agency.

The degree to which the team demonstrates successful experience with ownership and property management of mixed-income rental developments of similar size, either directly or through supervision of property management.


Staff Experience

Degree to which respondent demonstrates that assigned staff of the developer and members of the team have significant successful experience in their respective disciplines as required for the planning, development and operation of mixed-income developments of comparable size and complexity.



The methodology provided by the respondent indicates their knowledge of steps and timeframes necessary for implementing a RAD conversion, mixed-income building.


Financial Capacity

Ability to obtain, structure, and implement financing for such projects

The financial capacity (as developer and provider of guarantees) as evidenced by financial statements, the developers most recent audit and bank references, and the Developer Partner's discussion of how it intends to honor all guarantees should the need arise.


DBE/WBE/Section 3 Employment and Contracting Plan

Extent to which DBE/WBE/Section 3 businesses are included on the Development Team.

Level and quality of previous experience utilizing DBE/MBE/WBE/Section 3 businesses.

Degree to which the development team demonstrates its commitment to ensuring that

DBHA's stated DBE/MBE/WBE/Section 3 goals are met and/or exceeded.



Quality of references provided and responses.