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Schedule of Submittals



RESPONSES DUE: Friday, November 17, 2023, at 3:00 PM, Eastern Standard Time

Submission of Qualifications: Deliver four complete "hard copy" sets (one original clearly marked or stamped "original," and three copies) plus an electronic version on Flash drive of the required submittals, in a sealed envelope or box clearly marked with the words " Co-Developer RFQ Documents", to the Department of Procurement, at the following address:

The New Bern Housing Authority, NC

1307 Tatum Drive

New Bern, NC 28560

Interpretations/Questions: During the period between issuance of this RFQ and the due date, no oral interpretation of the RFQ requirements will be given to any prospective offeror. Requests for interpretation must be made, by e- mail, at least 10 days before the submission due date and time, to the address provided below:

Dee Meadows, Procurement Officer,

Addendum and Update Procedures for the RFQ: During the period of advertisement for this RFQ, the NBHA may wish to amend, add to, or delete from, the contents of this RFQ. In such situations, the NBHA will issue an addendum to the RFQ setting forth the nature of the modification(s). The NBHA will electronically send via email the addendum to all entities providing receiving a copy of this RFQ directly from the NBHA. Respondents are solely responsible for a correct email address to NBHA to receive addendums, if any.

Submission Format: All qualifications shall be submitted in 8 1/2 x 11-inch format, preferably in 3 ring binders. Larger size pages or inserts may be used provided they fold to 81/2 xl1-inches. All copies of the submittal must be identical in content and organization. Consideration should be given to the form and format of the submittal to facilitate internal duplication of the submittal. Submissions shall be organized into sections and tabbed for ease of review. Provide a Comprehensive Table of Contents at the front of the submission. Organize the qualifications in response to the Submission Requirements, taking care to address all issues identified in the Scope of Services. The front cover of the submission shall bear the name and number of the RFQ, the date, and the respondent's name, address, phone, and fax number.

Cover Letter with Company Name; A brief letter explaining the understanding of the scope of work and any available history of the company detailing any successful past

Initial performances

  • Tab 1. Letter of Interest
  • Tab 2. Team Description & Profile
  • Tab 3. Team Experience
  • Tab 4. Staff Experience
  • Tab 5. Methodology
  • Tab 6. Financial Capacity
  • Tab 7. DBE/MBE/WBE/Section 3 Participation Plan
  • Tab 8. Required Forms and Certifications (to be completed and/or signed)

Attachment 1 - Required Forms

  • Form HUD-2992: Certification Regarding Debarment and Suspension
  • Form HUD-50071: Certification of Payments to Influence Federal Transaction
  • Form HUD-5369-A: Representations, Certifications & Other Statements of Bidders.
  • Form HUD-5370: General Contract Conditions for Construction Contracts
  • Acknowledgement of Addendum
  • Non-Conclusive Affidavit
  • Form W-9
  • Submittal Statement

This Schedule of Submittals is provided to assist you in responding to this RFQ but is not intended to waive or modify any provision of the solicitation.

Submittal Forms: Provide, as a part of the submission, all required certifications listed. Each form that requires signatures must bear an original signature with BLUE INK.

Acceptance of Qualifications: Qualifications submissions must be signed, sealed, and received in completed form at the Procurement Department, The New Bern Housing Authority, NC, 1307 Tatum Drive, New Bern, NC 28560, no later than the qualifications submission time and date. Unsealed submissions will not be accepted. Qualifications submitted after the designated date and hour will not be accepted for any reason and will be returned unopened to the originator.

The NBHA reserves the right to accept or reject any or all submissions, to take exception to these RFQ specifications or to waive any formalities. Respondent may be excluded from further consideration for failure to fully comply with the specifications of this RFQ.

Time for Reviewing Submissions: Submissions received prior to the due date and time will be securely kept, unopened. No submission received after the submission due date will be considered. Submissions will not be publicly opened. Submissions once submitted become the property of the NBHA.

Withdrawal of Submissions: Submissions may be withdrawn by written request by the Respondent provided that written confirmation of withdrawal is placed in the mail and postmarked prior to the time set for submission opening. Negligence on the part of the Respondent in preparing its submission confers no right of withdrawal or modification of its submission after the due date.

Award of Contract: NBHA expects to award contracts to the highest-ranked respondents determined to be in the best interest of the NBHA considering all evaluation criteria. The Respondents to whom an award is made will be notified at the earliest practical date. An award may be subject to HUD approval. No award may be made to developers or firms that are on any federal, state or local debarment list. NBHA reserves the right to not award contracts if Respondents are not deemed qualified/responsive to the RFQ requirements.

Certification of Legal Entity: Prior to execution of the contract agreements, the respondents shall certify that joint ventures, partnerships, team agreements, new corporations, or other entities that either exist or will be formally structured are or will be legal and binding under law of the State of North Carolina. No contractual rights shall arise from the prices of the NBHA, and the selected development partner have signed an Inflation until such time as agreement. Work under the agreement shall commence immediately upon execution of such agreement. Parties further concur that the NBHA must approve the agreement and both parties to work together to implement changes as required.

Costs Borne by Respondent: All costs related to the preparation of this RFQ, and related activities are the respondent's responsibility. NBHA assumes no liability for costs incurred throughout the selection process.

Best Available Data: All information contained in this RFQ is the best data available at the time. The RFQ information is not intended as representations having binding legal effect. This information is furnished for respondent convenience and the NBHA assumes no liability for any errors or omissions.

Contact with Staff, Board Members, and Residents: Offerors may not make any contact with NBHA Staff, NBHA Board Members, or Residents regarding this RFQ or any related matter. All communications with NBHA shall be in writing as provided in HUD Form 5369-B, Instructions to Offerors Non-Construction, Paragraph 4 to the Procurement Specialist via Email address for Dee Meadows. Procurement Officer. (

Respondent Responsibilities: Each respondent is presumed by NBHA to have thoroughly studied this RFQ and become familiar with the package's contents, the location, nature, etc. of the site covered by the RFQ package. Any failure to understand completely any aspect of this RFQ or the proposed site is the responsibility of the respondent.