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 3.1 Outline of Submission Requirements. Listed below are the sections that must be included in the written qualification's submission. Each section must be clearly labeled using the bold-faced titles listed below and shall be assembled in the order described herein. The required submission must be bound, and each section tabbed and labeled with the following eight sections outlined below. A detailed Table of Contents must be provided.

Respondents must compile responses using the following outline:

  1.  Letter of interest
  2. Team Description and Profile
  3. Team Experience
  4. Staff Experience
  5. Methodology
  6. Financial Capacity
  7. DBE/MBE/WBE/Section 3 Participation Plan
  8. Required Certifications, Forms and Vendor Application

3.2 Description of Submission Requirements. The following provides guidance on what the qualifications-based submission must contain and how it must be organized. The purpose of this information is to establish the requirements, order and format for responses, and to ensure that the submissions are complete, include essential information and can be fairly evaluated. Respondents are requested to avoid duplicative materials and redundancies in the submission.

3.3 Letter of Interest. The cover letter should list the development team members and identify the primary contact person. Please include phone number and e-mail address. The letter must be signed by an authorized principal of the Developer Partner's firm and include a statement that the submission will remain valid for not less than 180 days from the date of the Board of Commissioners' approval of the Developer Partner.

3.4 Team Description and Profile. Provide general information on the Developer Partner and each member of the development team, including the following:

  1. Contact person, title, telephone/facsimile numbers and e-mail address.
  2. Name of Developer Partner, main address, telephone/facsimile numbers and e-mail address.
  3. Address, phone, and facsimile numbers of office from which services will be provided, if different from above.
  4. Description of the firm size, number of employees, and a description of type, location, scheduled completion, and dollar value of the projects in the pipeline.
  5. Proposed role of Developer Partner within development team.
  6. Identify the individual who will serve as project manager for the development team and who will direct and coordinate the development effort through completion. Describe the project manager's prior experience with projects of similar scope and size, with particular emphasis on experience directing a multi- disciplinary team and facilitating a community involvement process.
  7. Provide an organization chart of the development team. All entities that comprise the team must be identified including consultants, contractors, and attorneys, indicating their specialization(s), and specific contribution to the team. Our current team members include:


Reggie Barner, Developer Consultant, The Barner Group, LLC,

Aiken, SC

Stogner Architecture, Project Planner/Architect
Rockingham, NC

 H. Provide a description of the development team's prior expertise working together. In addition, provide examples of the team's prior experience with projects of similar scope and size, as well as experience in financing and developing mixed finance projects within the State of North Carolina.

 I. Provide a narrative description of the team's previous experience in integrating community and supportive services and Section 3 goals into the overall development and maintenance of similar projects.

 J. Indicate whether the Developer Partner or any team member has ever been terminated from a contract, and if so, describe the circumstances and outcome; and

 K. Indicate whether the Developer Partner or any team member has ever sued or been sued by a Housing Authority, and if so, describe the circumstances and the outcomes.

 L. Provide information on all green building development projects in which the Respondent has participated. An important goal of the NBHA is to develop an environmentally responsible development on the site(s) that can serve as a model for residential construction in Craven County and the State of North Carolina. It is the intent of the NBHA to implement financially feasible, technologically sound strategies to conserve energy and to surpass current norms for water conservation, waste management/recycling and the quality of the indoor environment. The NBHA will require that such strategies and all efforts to reduce tenant expenses, e.g. utilities, be fully explored in the development of the site(s).

3:5 Team Experience Provide an overview of the Developer Partner's experience in the planning, construction and management of projects similar to what is proposed. Include the following information for the last five (5) years. List projects in chronological order:

  1. List all affordable rental housing development projects (preferably involving partnerships with housing authorities) successfully completed to include incorporating CNI and FEMA funding, or financed and under construction, within the past 5 years, identifying location, sources of financing, including when applicable the size of the tax credit allocations and tax-exempt bond allocations received, who the investor was and how much the investor paid for the tax credits (expressed in cents per tax credit dollar). Identify which of these are senior housing projects and projects located within the State of North Carolina. Specify the number of units, the unit size, the income groups served and the cost of each project. Provide evidence of timely development demonstrating that projects were on schedule and within budget. Provide references and contact information for listed projects.
  2. Indicate the projects that employed sustainable development techniques and green building initiatives.
  3. Demonstrate experience with property management (either directly or through supervis10n of property management provided by a third party). Include information about income groups served, current occupancy levels, and operating deficit history.

3:6 Staff Experience Provide profiles of key staff, including the Project Manager, who will be involved in the development effort. Specify the roles of key staff in carrying out this development initiative and their previous experience with housing development and development.

3:7 Methodology. Describe the detailed steps proposed to implement the development of the project. Provide a proposed schedule showing necessary approvals and funding awards.

3:8 Financial Capacity. Demonstrate financial capacity to complete the project and provide guarantees.

  1. Attach three concurrent years of audited or Certified Public Accountant prepared financial statements from each member of the Developer Partner's team who will be providing any guarantees in connection with the development and operation of the project. The financial statements must include the most current year for which audited, or CPA prepared financial statements are available. The statements must include an Income Statement as well as a Balance Sheet showing assets, liabilities and net worth of the entity. Financial statements and bank references may be placed in a separate sealed envelope marked "confidential." Additionally, submit one bank reference for the Developer Partner.
  2. Provide a statement indicating how the Developer Partner will honor all financial guarantees, should the need arise. 

3:9 References In addition to the bank references, five references must be submitted for the Developer Partner. References that are relevant to the scope of work as anticipated in this RFQ including one from a public sector entity and four from among the following entities are required:

  1. Construction and permanent lenders
  2. LIHTC limited partner investor
  3. General contractor on a comparable development
  4. Community group or public housing resident group that worked with the Developer Partner on a specific project.

3:10 DBE/WBE/Section 3 Participation Plan. Responses should evidence that NBHA's stated participation goals, in terms of DBE, WBE, and Section 3 business enterprise contracting, and Section 3 resident employment and training, will be met. The response must include a discussion of the approach and methods your team will utilize to assure significant employment of residents of NBHA and other individuals eligible as Section 3 participants. The response must indicate that the Developer Partner will require all contractors and subcontractors to utilize appropriate apprenticeship programs when available as a means to meet the Section 3 employment goals. Identify the extent to which M/WBE/Section 3 businesses are included in the development team. Describe prior development experience utilizing M/WBE and local businesses in sufficient detail to reveal the team's track record and allow an assessment of the level and quality of effort. A detailed DBE/WBE and Section 3 Plan will be prepared as part of the Master Development Agreement.

3:11 Required Certifications. The following forms, which are included in Appendix 1, must be included in the submission and must be properly executed and/or notarized (where necessary):

  1. Submittal Statement
  2. Conflict of Interest Certification
  3. Profile of Firm
  4. HUD Form 5369-C Certifications and Representations of Offerors