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SECTION I: Scope Of Work


Scope of Fee Accounting Services

The accountant shall perform all the necessary services provided under this contract with the assistant of the Director of Finance. The accountant shall perform and carry out, satisfactorily and properly, as determined by the NBHA, the following:

1. Review, and update monthly financial statements including balance sheets, income statements, and general ledgers, or as requested by the NBHA in accordance with the procedures outlined by the HUD and accepted accounting principles.

2. Review and provide journal entries to the Director of Finance for entry in the computer system, to provide an accurate general ledger for all programs of the Housing Authority.

3. Review and recommend updates to a detailed comparison of actual expenditures to budget monthly.

4. Prepare reconciliation of restricted/non-restricted cash.

5. Assist in the preparation of the annual operating budget and prepare and file the forms for the annual public housing operating subsidy calculations.

6. Be available and serve as a consultant on accounting and fiscal matters.

7. Provide internal auditing services as may be requested by the NBHA.

8. Attend meetings of the NBHA Authority when requested including monthly Board Meetings via Zoom or in-person depending upon the needs of the housing authority.

9. Review bank reconciliations for all bank accounts when requested by the NBHA.

10. Prepare year-end statements and work papers for the year-end audit. To include preparation and transmission of the unaudited financial data schedule and assistance with transmission of the audited financial data schedule, as needed. (FDS)

11. Assist in submitting HUD Reports, as may be requested by NBHA.