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July 12, 2022


On behalf of the New Bern Housing Authority (NBHA), we are requesting proposals for surveying of the existing Trent Court, multi-family property, which will be undergoing a comprehensive demolition and re-development process. The surveyor procured to provide this survey may be procured at a later date to provide pre-demolition and post construction ALTA level survey information for a portion of the site to be re-developed.

A limited boundary survey was prepared in November 2019. The extent of the boundary information, for this survey request, shall be as provided on the 2019 survey (North side of Pollock Street, East side of Eden Street and West side of Liberty Street). For administrative purposes, the proposal shall be broken out reflecting fee and delivery schedule for Area A, Area B, and for Area C. The three distinct areas are identified within the information attached.

Note: Surveyors fee and schedule to provide property boundary survey of Parcel ID# 8-009-095, Reference # 40479, Parcel ID# 8-009-087-B, Reference #40474 and Parcel ID# 8-009-094-B, Reference #40478, owned by the New Bern Housing Authority, shall be included under Area A proposal breakout.

Area A proposal breakout includes:

  • Boundary survey (defined in pink)
  • Information below (within defined area blue)

Area B proposal breakout includes:

  • Information below (within defined area green)

Area C proposal breakout includes:

  • Adjoiners (within defined area yellow)
  • Easements/ROW's (within defined area yellow)
  • Pump station (within defined area yellow)

The following information, within HACN Parcel Boundary and broken out under Area A or Area B, shall be located and identified on the survey:

  • Topographic survey based on 1' increments
  • Any Right of Way boundary(s)/Easement(s)
  • Flood plain/wetland areas delineated and mapped, Neuse River buffer, CAMA setback
  • Location of existing drainage ditches/flumes and approximate sizes
  • Location of existing yard and curb drainage inlets/sizes
  • Streets/curb/edge of streets/pavement and gutter/sidewalks/sizes
  • Overhead and underground utilities (water, sewer, electric, gas) sizes/cleanouts/pad mounted transformers (private and public)/fire hydrants/utility vaults
  • Inverts for cleanouts and sanitary sewer boxes and stormwater - if possible, identify structure and pipe type and condition (ie. sediment, debris, deterioration, etc.)
  • Inverts for utilities entering the site (crossing the property boundary)
  • Utility poles/light poles
  • Location of existing buildings, shelters, sidewalks, waste disposal dumpsters, mailboxes, bollards, timber bumpers and posts, parking areas with wheel stops, playgrounds, fences, retaining walls, parking/instructional and property signage/concrete pads, etc.
  • Location of significant trees (6" and greater) and trunk/canopy size/species of trees and other pertinent landscaping features
  • Other features that would impact site improvements within the boundary area
  • Identify on survey: Property Tax ID/Parcel ID/Zoning designation of Owner's parcel (Note: adjoining parcels - Legend type format from 2019 survey is acceptable)

All Survey data is to be provided on 22x34 sheet format, unless otherwise noted. Three (3) sealed hardcopies will be required on 22x34 and 11x17 PDF. In addition, make available a .DWG conversion file via email.

The Surveyor shall have his insurance agent issue a Certificate of Insurance reflecting limits of coverage, listed below, with a Policy Endorsement which lists the New Bern Housing Authority as additional "named" insured for the project with Waiver of Subrogation and the Cancellation Statement "Coverages under the policies will not be cancelled, reduced or eliminated until at least thirty (30) days after receipt of written notice, by certified mail, return receipt requested, to the insured and the Owner". Provide a Waiver of Subrogation; Submit Form.

Insurance requirements are as follows:

General Liability: $1,000,000.00                                        Automotive Liability: $1,000,000.00                                      Workers' Compensation: $500,000.00

In your proposal, please indicate a firm start and completion date for this project. The surveyor's capacity to handle a project of this size and complete the work within an aggressive timeframe will be taken into consideration when making a final selection.

A draft review submittal of the survey, in PDF format, is required as surveying progresses.

Surveyors shall submit with their proposals, a list of references and recent projects, with descriptions, of comparable size. Please provide contact information for the listed references. Qualifications and experience will also be taken into consideration when making a final selection.

The following Exhibits are attached for reference only. All information provided shall be confirmed by surveyor:

  •  Ex0_Survey Area Delineation
  •  Ex1_Boundary Survey 2019
  •  Ex2_Craven Co GIS MAP1
  •  Ex3_Craven Co GIS MAP2
  •  Ex4_Craven Co GIS MAP3
  •  Ex5_Trent Court Overview 1
  •  Ex6_Trent Court Overview 2
  •  Ex7_Trent Court FIRMETTE
  •  Ex8_Trent Court Wetlands
  •  Ex9_Trent Court Electric
  •  Ex10_Trent Court Sewer

Attachments are for the benefit of clarifying the request for proposal. Surveyor shall be responsible for obtaining accurate information to be documented on the survey material.

Surveyor shall employ the services of a private utilities locater to locate any private water, sewer, electric, gas, etc. that is determined to be privately owned by the Housing Authority, as would be required, and include the cost of those services in the proposal.

Surveyor shall employ the services of a public utility locater and services of any provider such as telephone, Ethernet, City of New Bern PWC, etc., as would be required and include the cost of those services in the proposal.

Proposals must be received no later than 3:00 P.M., Thursday, August 11, 2022.

Proposals may be mailed to our office at 1307 Tatum Drive, New Bern, NC 28653 or emailed to

Please feel free to contact myself if you should have any questions or require additional information (252-633-0800 ext. 220).


HACN_Surveying Exhibits DRAFT 2022 06 13.pdf

Submitted Question Flood plain/wetland areas delineated and mapped, Neuse River buffer, CAMA setback