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NBHA_Trent Court Env Testing RFP-2022 09 02

September 2, 2022



Owner: New Bern Housing Authority (NBHA)

Development: Multi-Family

Development Name: Trent Court

Location: 302 Liberty Street

Craven Co. Tax Parcel No.:

  • Parcel ID# 8-009-095, Reference# 40479
    Parcel ID# 8-009-087-B, Reference# 40474
  • Parcel ID# 8-009-094-B, Reference# 40478
    Construction Date: Circa 1940+

Number of Dwelling Buildings:

  • Area A: 12
    Area B: 17

Number of Dwelling Units:

  • Area A: 108
    Area B: 110

Other Structures:

  • Area A: 2 Non-Dwelling
    o   NBHA office (Building 1)
  • o   Charles Taylor Building (Building 2)
  • Area B: 1 Non-Dwelling
    o   Maintenance/Storage

The New Bern Housing Authority (NBHA) is seeking proposals for hazardous materials testing and reporting as well as a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment. The agency is in the early phases of redeveloping its Trent Court multi-family community. In 2018, Hurricane Florence devastated the Trent Court community with widespread flooding. Thirteen (13) buildings, located in Area 'A', were significantly damaged during the hurricane and have been vacant since. These Thirteen (13) buildings; (12) dwelling and (1) non-dwelling (office) will be replaced utilizing FEMA funds. The remaining Eighteen (18) buildings; (17) dwelling and (1) non-dwelling (maintenance/storage), located in Area 'B', were not damaged to the extent of the others, but are part of the comprehensive redevelopment plan and will be funded from sources other than FEMA. One (1) non-dwelling building (office) located at 302 Liberty Street was not damaged during the hurricane but will be renovated to serve as the NBHA's new central office. Because this building will replace the office damaged during the hurricane, it is expected to be funded by FEMA and shall be considered part of Area 'A'.

Due to the various sources of funding, we are requesting proposals be broken out to reflect the pricing separately for Area 'A' and Area 'B', based on the scope for work and services to be rendered. Once services have been rendered, invoicing will need to be broken out similarly for accounting purposes.

For a better understanding, the areas have been delineated on the attached map as Area(s) 'A' and Area 'B'. Buildings located in Area 'A' will receive FEMA funding, whereas buildings located in Area 'B' will receive funding from sources other than FEMA.



All buildings, except the 302 Liberty Street office (Area 'A' - Building 2), the Maintenance/Storage building (Area 'B') and One (1) dwelling building (Area 'A' - Building 'J' is currently designated for salvage by historic preservation committee) will be demolished as part of the redevelopment. The Owner plans to issue at gut/cleanout of Building 2 in preparation of a renovation of the existing building. All remaining interior building systems, finishes and debris will be removed during the gut/cleanout so that existing wood structural and select non-structural framing, sheathing and concrete building slab can be better evaluated for damage.


It should be noted that all dwelling buildings and non-dwelling buildings in Area 'A' are not occupied. All dwelling buildings in Area 'B' are or may be occupied and the non-dwelling building in Area 'B' is currently being used by the NBHA for maintenance purposes. Access to all structures will require NBHA assistance and advanced notifications will be required to be sent out to all residents prior to access.

Environmental Conditions

It should be noted that all dwelling buildings and Building 1, in Area 'A', have been vacant since 2018. Due to the flooding inside these buildings, the interior environmental conditions are deplorable. Building 2 has been vacant since approximately 2016. Individuals accessing these buildings agree they will be doing so at their own risk and proper safety precautions should be taken to protect against any respiratory, or other types of hazards. Individuals and companies accessing these buildings agree to defend, protect and hold harmless the NBHA against any and all claims arising from access to the buildings.

Deliverable Priority

It is requested the Asbestos, Lead Paint and Radon test reports, associated with 302 Liberty Street office (Area 'A' - Building 2), be provided first as design for the cleanout is underway. Following the cleanout, the mold assessment will be required to be performed in preparation of the renovation construction documents. 302 Liberty Street office will be a standalone project, separate from work associated with demolishing the dwelling buildings and non-dwelling Building 1 and redeveloping the entire Trent Court site. Phase I ESA along with testing reports and protocols for all other structures should follow or be performed concurrently, pending the testing company's capacity.


Proposal Format

Companies are requested to follow the format outlined below. Additional supporting information deemed necessary for pricing purposes may be appended and submitted with document.

Section 18 Demolition/Disposition Testing

Testing services highlighted in yellow below are services related to a Section 18 Demolition/Disposition application with HUD and are not required immediately but may be required at a later date.