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2.0 SCOPE OF WORK/TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS. The Agency is seeking proposals from qualified, licensed, and insured entities to provide the following detailed services listed herein:

2.1 Introduction: Work Specifications/Requirements. Currently, there are approximately 15 workstations networked to access the line of business software. NBHA has four (4) digital copier/scanners through a contract with COECO Office Systems.

The Authority presently utilizes one (1) physical Server:


  1. Canon Image Runner Adv. DX C3830 (2011)
  2. Canon Image Runner Adv. 45511
  3. Canon Image Runner Adv. 45351 II

2.2 Workstations are running Windows Microsoft Versions listed in table #1. The Agency has been using the following Software listed below in table #2.

NBHA presently uses thirty-six (36) users on the secure login system. Virtual private network connectivity is required for offsite employees. Presently NBHA has only one (1) remote site for virtual private network connectivity.

It shall be the sole responsibility of interested firms to confirm current systems operating within the New Bern Housing network.

Table #1 - NBHA's Profile of Workstation Operating Software

Operating Software Number of Workstations
Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 12

Table #2

NBHA's Current Software and Program List
Program Software Systems
Property Management Lindsey Software Suite
Mobile Phone Verizon Wireless
Desk Phone & Fax (VOIP) Bright speed
Internet Provider Optimum
Human Capital Management ADP Payroll (Web-based)
General Business Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe, etc
Email Microsoft 365/Outlook


NBHA(Customer) agrees to provide the Information Technology Service Provider (ITSP) with remote access (via RAS or VPN) to customer's network for purposes of fulfilling support services as defined as follows:




The following table provides minimal types of services. It shall be the sole responsibility of interested ITSP firms to analyze NBHA's current system as well as potential future needs, then present in the proposal all types of services the ITSP is capable of providing:



Microsoft Patch Management

24/7 Event Log Monitoring
24/7 Hard Drive Monitoring
User Account Administration
Security Administration
Monitor Backup Operations
Perform Monthly Test Restore
Router, frame relay and internet communications Management (As applicable)
Firewall Management
Remote Support (unlimited)

Data Back-up and Disaster Recovery Services

Printing function
Wireless Access Points
Asset Reporting/Inventory = A complete/current inventory of all computer/network equipment (NBHA accessible "On Demand")
Domain Name Management
Asset Lifecycle Management= Assessment of ALL existing hardware/equipment for the purpose of researching/providing proposed replacement items and costs

Software warranties with NBHA receiving prompt/written notification of annual subscription costs.

After Hours Support (Hours billed at one-and-a-half times the stipulated contractual hourly rate with a ½-hour minimum.)

Remote Access to designated NBHA users
True Mail Security (Mailboxes)
Antivirus Software (Computers)
Anti-Malware Software (Computers)
Web/ URL Control Software
Web Site creation and management services


Service Desk Telephone User Support and Remote Systems Administration between 8:00am and 6:00pm, Eastern Time, Monday-Friday, excluding holidays, as needed.

On-site support at corporate office on an "As Need" basis between 8:00am and 5:00pm, local time, Monday-Friday, excluding holidays.

Special projects will be performed between 8:00am and 5:00pm, local time, Monday-Friday, excluding holidays. These services will be scoped into a project or billed at the contractual hourly rate.

Managed- up/down status, respond to provider, call customer.


"Priority Response" on all support issues reported to and logged by the Service Desk to include issue   tracking and escalation.

Customer access via the Internet to Provider's support tracking system. 

After-hours support, via telephone or on-site, is available for emergency situations such as a system failure. After-hours service shall be billed but shall not exceed one-and-a-half times standard billing rates per hour, with a ½-hour minimum.

The provider shall use all reasonable means to work with third parties, vendors, and original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to resolve problems that arise from the use of OEM products.


1. The Information Technology Service Provider will provide a single point of contact (Firm shall assign exclusive representative to NBHA) for all technical support issues that may arise.

2. ITSP will be responsible for taking ownership of problems and working toward resolution within reasonable boundaries. NBHA staff will be made aware of critical issues as they arise. ITSP will in no way make management decisions on behalf of the client (NBHA).

3. All support calls placed to the ITSP service desk will be entered in an electronic support tracking system. If an issue is not resolved within one (1) hour or, if the ITSP deems an issue is not resolvable via the phone, an engineer will be dispatched. ITSP shall follow the agreed upon procedure to inform NBHA when these issues arise. Monthly activity reports will be provided detailing items related to the monitored systems.

4. Large scale installation projects will be scoped separately to include a detailed engagement letter or, Addendum to existing Agreement for NBHA approval.

5. The ITSP will work with application vendors to help resolve system problems. The ITSP is not expected to be responsible for any software or systems not sold or serviced by the ITSP.

6. Network infrastructure troubleshooting, support for firewalls, routers, VPN, switches, and hubs. This includes working with the Internet Service Providers (ISP) at each location to resolve data issues.

7. NBHA computer/network equipment: NBHA shall ensure that ITSP is properly notified of any hardware that is connected to or removed from the network or reallocated to another office.

8. Remote server administration, including the loading of approved and qualified operating system patches and service packs as directed by the customer or applicable OEM.

Desired Service Level Agreement (SLA) deliverables for the above services include:

  • I-hour maximum response time to reported or observed events for all systems.
  • 4-hour onsite response times for events that are not addressable via remote means
  • Quarterly summary reporting of all rendered maintenance and event resolution services.
  • Schedules and Contact list that address the following: server & network maintenance, exclusive NBHA's representative or software/hardware installation, and office relocations.
  • Quarterly report to Senior Staff detailing the health of the IT system and necessary upgrades.

Proposals shall also address the firm's ability to provide other IT services, i.e., "break-fix" services, equipment installation, peripheral support etc.) and the proposed hourly or fixed rates for such services as detailed in ITSP cost proposal.

2.5 Agency Workstation Locations. The contractor shall provide ongoing development of the network system, including maintenance of computer equipment located in the Agency's remote offices. Below is a listing of the Agency offices where computer equipment that may require services is located:


RFP Section 2.5 Location Address Total Number of Computer Users

Central Office, 1307 Tatum Drive,

New Bern, NC 28563

New Bern Towers, 1125 Walt Bellamy Drive New Bern, NC 28563