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2.1 Submission of Proposals

Respondents should submit one (1) original and three (3) copies of their proposal, dated and signed by an authorized official of the company. Proposals must be submitted in a sealed envelope that shows the firm's name and address, and written on the outside of the envelope must be the words "UNIT TURN/FORCED LABOR CONTRACTOR - (RFP 2022-03) - DEADLINE." Thursday, April 28 @ 4:00 p.m. (EST)

Proposals received after the deadline date and time may be determined unacceptable. Refer to HUD FORM 5369-B, Section 6 regarding late submissions and withdrawals.

All proposals must be submitted following the conditions and instructions provided herein and must remain open for acceptance from the due date.

Proposals should demonstrate detailed plans on how the Respondent intends to provide the required services in a manner that will result in the successful and timely completion of the service(s). In addition, the proposal should demonstrate the Respondent's capacity and readiness to perform the Scope of Services immediately upon execution of a contract with NBHA. Finally, the proposal should include evidence of the Respondent's previous experience and qualifications relative to the provision of such services.

 2.2 Interpretation/Questions

During the period between issuance of this RFP and the proposal due date, no oral interpretation of the RFP's requirements will be given to any prospective respondent. Requests for interpretation must be made, in writing, at least 10 days before the submission due date and time to Email 

2.3 Addendum and Update Procedures for the RFP

During the period of advertisement for this RFP, NBHA may wish to amend, add to, or delete from, the contents of this RFP. In such situations, NBHA will issue an addendum to the RFP setting forth the nature of the modification(s). NBHA will email (or send via regular postal mail or fax upon written request) any addenda to Respondents of this RFP Solicitation. Interested parties may also view the addenda on NBHA's website It shall be the responsibility of each Respondent to ensure they have any additional addenda relative to this RFP.

2.4 Proposal Format

All proposals shall be submitted in 8 ½ x 11-inch format, preferably in three (3) ring binders. Larger size pages or inserts may be used provided; they fold into 8 ½ x 11 inches. All copies of the submittal must be identical in content and organizations. The format of the respondent's proposal should be structured the same as the format of the RFP. Proposals should be organized into sections and tabbed for ease of review. Provide a comprehensive Table of Contents at the front of the proposal. Organize the proposal in response to the Submission Requirements, taking care to address all issues identified in the Scope of Service. The front cover of the proposal should bear the name and number of the RFP, the date, and the Respondent's name, address, phone/fax number, and email address.

2.5 Submittal Forms

Provide, as a part of the proposal, all required certifications and HUD forms, licenses, and proof of insurance. All forms that require a signature or initials must bear an original initial or signature.

2.5 Submittal Forms

Provide, as a part of the proposal, all required certifications and HUD forms, licenses, and proof of insurance. All forms that require a signature or initials must bear an original initial or signature.

2.6 Acceptance of Proposals

Proposals must be signed, sealed, and received in the completed form at the NBHA, no later than the proposal closing date and time. Proposals submitted after the designated closing date and time will not be accepted for any reason and will be returned unopened to the originator.

NBHA reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals, to take exception to these RFP specifications, or to waive any formalities. Respondents may be excluded from further considerations for failure to comply with the specifications of this RFP.

NBHA also reserves the right to reject the proposal of Respondents, who have previously failed to perform properly or to complete on time, a contract of similar nature, which is not able to perform the contract. Alternatively, who habitually without just cause neglected the payment of bills or disregarded its obligations to subcontractors, providers of materials, or employees.

2.7 Time for Reviewing Proposals

Proposals received prior to the closing date and time will be securely kept, unopened. Proposals received after the closing date and time may not be considered. All proposals properly received will be evaluated by NBHA's Evaluation Committee appointed by the Executive Director.

The Evaluation Committee will analyze proposals within 60 days of the date and time due and make a recommendation for Award of Contract or not to award to the NBHA Executive Director.

2.8 Withdrawal of Proposals

Proposals may be withdrawn by using a written request by the Respondent in time for delivery in the normal course of business before the time fixed for receipt and must be signed by the Respondent. In addition, withdrawals must be postmarked before the date and time set for the proposal submission deadline. Negligence on the part of the Respondent in preparing their proposal confers no right to make modifications or withdraw the proposal after the due date and time.

2.9 Award of Contract

The contract shall be awarded to the Respondent submitting a proposal according to the evaluation criteria contained herein, provided the proposal is in the best interest of NBHA. The Respondent to whom the award is made will be notified at the earliest practical date.

2.10 HUD Debarment and Suspension List

The Respondents and all subcontractors' names or businesses must not appear on the HUD's Debarment and Suspension list.

2.11 Certification of Legal Entity

Before the execution of the contract agreement, the Respondent shall certify that joint ventures, partnerships, team agreements, new corporations, or other entities that either exist or will be formally structured are, or will be, legal and binding under the North Carolina State Law, the City of New Bern, and New Bern Housing Authority.

2.12 Cost Borne by Respondent

All costs related to the preparation of this RFP and any related activities are the responsibility of the Respondent.  NBHA assumes no liability for any costs incurred by the Respondent throughout the entire selection process.

2.13 Best Available Data

All information contained in this RFP is the best data available to NBHA at the time the RFP was prepared. The information given in the RFP is not intended as a representation having a binding legal effect.

This information is furnished for the convenience of Respondents and NBHA assumes no liability for any errors or omissions.

2.14 Contact with NBHA Staff, Board Members, and Residents

Beyond the above referenced written communications, Respondents and their representatives may not make any other form of contact with NBHA, Board Members, or Residents. Any improper contact by or on behalf of Respondents may be grounds for disqualification.

2.15 Licenses and Insurance

The awarded individual/firm shall have and maintain all required Licenses necessary to conduct business in the State of North Carolina and the City of New Bern. All licenses must be kept up to date for the duration of this contract. Copies of all licenses must be in the Procurement/Contract Office before contract execution.

Prior to contract award and for the duration of the contract, the successful proposer will be required to provide proof of insurance (as outlined) and the NBHA shall be named as an additional insured.

Professional Liability                Coverage $1,000,000 each occurrence

General Liability                      Coverage $1,000,000 each occurrence

Comprehensive Auto Liability -Coverage $1,000,000 each occurrence      Worker's Compensation with Statutory Limits of the State of NC

2.16 Respondent Responsibilities

Each Respondent is presumed by NBHA to have thoroughly studied this RFP and become familiar with the contents, locations, nature of requests, covered by the RFP. Any failure to understand completely any aspect of this RFP is the responsibility of the Respondent.

2.17 No Claim against NBHA

The Respondent shall not obtain, by submitting a proposal in response to this RFP, any claim against NBHAs properties for the reason of all or any part of any of the following: the selection process; the rejection of any or all offers; the acceptance of any offer; entering into any agreements or the failure to enter any agreements; any statement, representations, acts or omissions of NBHA or any person or entity acting on its behalf; the exercise of any discretion outlined in or concerning any of The foregoing; and any other matters arising out of the foregoing.