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Unit Turn/Forced Labor Contractor PART IV - SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS

Listed below are the sections that must be included in the Respondent's proposal. Each section must be clearly labeled using the bold-faced titles listed below. The required submission must be bound, and each section tabbed.

4.1 Staffing and Qualifications
 a. Provide information regarding staff experience and qualifications that demonstrates the Respondent's capacity to perform the required services. Include all key personnel who will be assigned work under a contract potentially resulting from this RFP.

4.2 Relevant Experience and Past Performance
a. Include projects completed or currently underway by the responding entity and/or each major participant in the proposal. Along with any other projects similar or related work performed.

b. For each project identified provide:

  • Project name and address.
  • Contact person, telephone number, email, fax, and address.
  • A description of the scope of work
  • The client for whom the Respondent's services were performed.
  • The size of the project
  • The services performed by the Respondent on the project.
  • The dollar value of the contract for the services
  • The duration of the project includes start and completion dates, or projected completion dates if still active.
  • A reference contact for the project with a name, address, email, and telephone number.

c. Identify experience in performing work for other agencies by the Respondent and/or its participants.

d. A written explanation, the Respondent's familiarity with Federal, State, and local laws, regulations, and codes that the Respondent believes may be pertinent or applicable to this project.                     

4.3 References
Provide a list of clients, previous and current. This list must include the name and title of the contact person, with an address, email, telephone number, and fax number.                                               

4.4 Respondent's Approach and Response to the Scope of Service
a. Provide a detailed narrative that demonstrates the approach intended for use by the Respondent.

b. The Respondent should outline its anticipated approach for each element of work identified in the Scope of Services.

c. The approach outlined should be consistent with the objectives and requirements outlined in the RFP and should address how services will be immediately provided upon execution of a contract.

4.5 Proposal Cost
Respondents shall provide a firm total cost along with a detailed itemized breakdown of the total cost. Please show all expected expenditures to include all anticipated travel. The total cost must be all-inclusive.

4.6 Required Certifications/Forms
Each proposal shall contain a copy of the following HUD forms, which may be downloaded from the Procurement page of NBHA website: