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5.1 Proposal Evaluation/Contract Award
Proposals received in response to this solicitation will be evaluated using the following evaluation process.

  1. The evaluation process will be used to determine the firms that will comprise the shortlist, from which final selection for contract award will ultimately be made.
  1. During the evaluation process, technical proposals will be evaluated and scored by an Evaluation Committee appointed by the Executive Director.
  2. Each member of the selection committee will score each proposal.
  3. Scoring will be based on predetermined Evaluation Criteria. The available points associated with each area of consideration are shown below in Item 5.2.
  4. The results of the evaluation of both technical and cost proposals will be used to determine those proposals to be considered in the competitive range.
  5. Proposals will be considered acceptable if they have a minimum score of 85 points or above.
  6. The Authority may request that proposers whose submittals are in the competitive range make oral presentations concerning their qualifications to the Authority's Evaluation Committee and/or the Board of Commissioners. Presentations will be scheduled by NBHA on an individual basis.
  7. Cost proposals will be considered acceptable if the proposed cost is not excessive compared to the proposed costs of other Respondents with acceptable technical proposals.
  8. Respondents with acceptable technical and cost proposals may be requested to supply additional information to assist in completing the due diligence review. Failure to satisfactorily complete the due diligence review within the timeframe established by NBHA will result in the disqualification of the Respondents proposal.
  9. Scoring will be based upon how well the proposal meets the criteria established in this RFP.
  10. NBHA reserves the right to make no award or decline to enter negotiations should it believe that no Respondent to this RFP would be capable of delivering the necessary level of service within an acceptable price range and/or the period.
  11. The Evaluation Committee will evaluate the merits of proposals received in accordance with the evaluation factors stated in the RFP and formulate a recommendation. However, while a numerical rating system may be used to assist the Evaluation Committee in selecting the competitive range (if necessary) and making an award recommendation decision, the award decision is ultimately a business decision that will reflect an integrated assessment of the relative merits of the proposal using the factors and their relative weights disclosed in the RFP.

5.2 Evaluation Criteria

a.  Organizational Capacity:     30 points     

  1. Respondent's organizational capacity will be evaluated through an assessment of the Respondent's staff, specialists', and consultants' experience and qualifications. In addition, the Respondent's ability to perform the work in a timely manner will be evaluated through a review of previous performance on similar projects, as well as current and projected capacity and workload.
  2. Maximum consideration will be given to those Respondents having staff with the greatest amount of experience in performing work as required herein, and who can demonstrate sufficient capacity to perform the work timely given current and projected workload

 b. Relevant Experience and Past Performance:  25 Points 

  1.    Relevant experience and past performance will be evaluated through an assessment of previous, similarly related projects completed to date.
  2.  Maximum consideration will be given to those Respondents, who demonstrate through their submittal, a documented track record of completing projects of the same type required by this RFP.
  3. Maximum consideration will also be given to those Respondents who exhibit a successful track record of performing similar services for public housing authorities.

 c. Proposal Cost:    20 Points   

  1. Proposal cost will be evaluated through a careful analysis of cost compared to the other Respondent proposals.
  2. Maximum consideration will be given to those Respondents, who demonstrate through their submittals, the ability to perform the required work at minimum cost to NBHA.

 d. Section 3 Participation Plan:   10points                                   

  • Section 3 participation will be evaluated through an assessment of the action plans and participation schedules submitted.
  • Maximum consideration will be given to those Respondents, who demonstrate through their submittals, that Section 3 business enterprise contracting, and Section 3 resident employment and training, will be met.

5.3 Summary of Evaluation Criteria

Evaluation Criteria Points Technical:

  • Organizational Capacity                                              30points
  • Relevant Experience and Past Performance                  20 Points
  • Respondent's approach/Response to Scope of Service  20 Points
  • Proposal Cost                                                           20 Points
  • Section 3 Participation Plan                                        10 Points

     Total                                                                          100 Points

  Total Possible Points                                                100 Points      

 5.1 SECTION 3
 The purpose of Section 3 of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

(HUD) Act of 1968 is to ensure that employment and other economic opportunities generated by certain HUD financial assistance, shall, to the greatest extent feasible and consistent with existing federal, state, and local laws, be directed toward low and very low-income persons.

Low income is defined as a single person or family whose income does not exceed 80% of the median income for the area. A very low-income person is defined as a family or single person whose income does not exceed 50% of the median income for the area.


Section 3 is applicable when funds from the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development are used on a project and when additional persons (new hires) are employed. A new hire is any person hired after signing the contractor who is not a current employee.


Trent Court


  • Property Manager- Pamela Minor 
  • Telephone  
  • Fax
  • Address: 837 South Front Street   
  • Years Built: 1940
  • Total # Buildings: 23                  


New Bern Towers

                                    PHYSICAL DATA

  • Property Manager- Latahsha Simmons 
  • Telephone  
  • Fax
  • Address: 1125 Waly Bellamy Drive  
  • Years Built: 1979
  • Total # Buildings: 1