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Provide the New Bern Housing Authority, Lawn Care Services for both Trent Court and New Bern Towers. 

CONTRACTOR(S) RESPONSIBILITIES: The chosen Contractor(s)/s shall provide the management, supervision, and manpower necessary to provide the Lawn Care Services, as detailed in this proposal. All work shall be performed in a professional and workmanship manner.

  1. This contract is for one (1) year with renewal options for two (2) additional, one-year periods considering all pricing, terms, and conditions remain the same. (This could be a three-year contract).
  2. Services for each site must be bid individually on the bid sheet. One or up to three contracts will be awarded for the two properties.
  3. The Property Managers for both Asset Management Property (AMP) and Section 8 New Construction Property shall be the Contract Administrator and the point of contact regarding services to be performed and invoicing.

YARD MAINTENANCE PRODUCTS: The Contractor(s) will supply grass seed, fertilizer, lime, pine needles, mulch, and herbicides needed to perform the Lawn Care Services. All equipment shall be supplied by the Contractor(s).

The successful Contractor(s) shall be prepared to perform the following services, according to the work schedule outlined in the specifications below:

ALL LOCATIONS -- WEEKLY -- from MAY 1st until APRIL 30TH:

  • Trash and litter pick-up and removal from the parking lot(s), sidewalks, common area(s), and grassed area prior to mowing.
  • Grassed areas mowed.
  • Grass trim, edge and weeding eating of borders and edges.
  • Concrete areas and parking lots are to be blown or swept to remove grass trimming after mowing and trimming - sidewalks to doors.
  • Edging to be done at all sidewalks and stairways 1 inch wide and cleaned.
  • Remove leaves out of the parking areas/lots

ALL LOCATIONS -- Bi-WEEKLY -- from MARCH 15th until OCTOBER 15th:

  • Herbicides sprayed as needed. (Herbicides will be provided by Contractor(s))

ALL LOCATIONS -- from OCTOBER 1st until NOVEMBER 30th: (Fall Maintenance)

  • Apply fertilizer and lime to all grassed areas. (Fertilizer and Lime will be provided by the Contractor(s).
  • Remove leaves out of the parking areas/lots
  • Reseed grassed areas where needed. (Grass seed will be provided by the Contractor(s).

ALL LOCATIONS -- from DECEMBER 1st until FEBRUARY 28th: (Fall Maintenance)

Trim and prune trees, shrubbery, and bushes; remove leaves around the buildings and on the lawns to maintain a neat, uniform appearance.

ALL LOCATIONS -- from FEBRUARY 15th until APRIL 1st: (Spring Maintenance)

Mulch or straw areas around buildings, trees, and shrubs. (Mulch and Pine Straw will be provided by the Contractor(s).

ALL LOCATIONS -- from MARCH 1st until MARCH 31st: (Spring Maintenance)

Apply fertilizer to all grassed areas. (Fertilizer will be provided by the Contractor(s).

Site Visits

NBHA will arrange walk-through inspection tours of their buildings upon request, prior to the submission of qualification. Site representatives will be available to answer questions about the operation of the buildings. All Contractors are encouraged to carefully evaluate the community profile data contained in the attachments and to visit the facility to enhance their understanding of existing lawn and ground conditions.

To make arrangements to tour New Bern Housing Authority sites, please contact:

Trent Court Property Manager Pamela Minor

  • New Bern Housing Authority
  • 1307 Tatum Drive
  • New Bern, NC 28562
  • Phone
  • Email

New Bern Towers Property Manager Latahsha Simmons

  • New Bern Towers
  • 1125 Walt Bellamy Drive New Bern, NC 28562
  • Phone
  • Email

Team Composition - a complete listing of all key personnel who will be assigned to this project. This will include their relevant experience, qualifications for this project, roles, and responsibilities, leadership, etc., in addition to their availability for this project.

Provision of a priced methodology complete with a time allotment for each identified task you propose to employ to carry out the work, this shall form the basis for payments to the successful proponent.

Supplement this with a schedule of fees for staff to be assigned to the project. These rates shall be the basis for adjustments to the value of the contract in the event the scope of work varies from that proposed.

A minimum of three (3) client references from projects of a similar size and scope.

Required State Contractor's License: As required by the State of North Carolina and by other applicable law, regulation or ordinates the contractor shall be in possession of a current certification and contractor's license.