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Community Fabric Awards

Congratulations to our own Maintenance Supervisor Adrian Jones. The New Bern Housing Authority is proud and Honored to have Adrian on our team. Congratulations.

by Star Connor and Jordan Honeycutt ' 

The Craven Community College Foundation had its 12th annual Community Fabric Awards.

The ceremony honored recipients within the community and showcased how students accomplish many successes through the organization.

The Craven Community College Foundation was established in 1977.

This year was the first time the ceremony returned in-person since 2019 after being put on halt due to the pandemic.

A ballroom full of people set the tone for the Community Fabric Awards in New Bern as people listened in to testimonies about how the non-profit organization continues to pave the way for education, leadership, and business.

Adrian Jones received a workforce development certificate and is now working for the New Bern Housing Authority. He spoke about how the foundation created a roadway for where he is today.

"I would say it took forever for me to be here, but I think it's perfect timing for myself," Jones said. "I wouldn't change anything about going to Craven Community College. Let me rephrase that, I wish I had started earlier."

Not only were there success stories, but three awards were given out.

Greg Singleton received the Leadership in Education Award and said teaching at Craven Community College wasn't the plan, but he's glad that his students are learning to speak into existence what they want.

"There's so many forms of education, and there's so many ways of delivering education. One thing education does is it brings accountability to a person because their discipline is demonstrated as they are trying to learn," Singleton said.

As for Jones, he gives all thanks to the foundation and hopes that the Community Fabric Awards will continue for years to come.

"It's a good feeling knowing that I just don't have a job, but I also started a career," Jones said.

Other recipients included Jonathan Segal, who was awarded for individual leadership and Andrew MacLaren was awarded for business leadership.

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